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Scala at the Science Museum DECEMBER 2016

The launch of Mathematics: The Winton Gallery

This month marked the launch of the Science Museum’s landmark new Mathematics: The Winton Gallery, which explores the last 400 years of mathematical practice through a wide range of artefacts from the Museum’s world-class collection.

We are incredibly proud to have produced the book that accompanies the gallery, and it was a real thrill for us to see the objects in the flesh for the first time and in such a stunning surrounding. Amazingly, Zaha Hadid Architects have designed the display cases to flow around a 1920s biplane suspended from the ceiling, in a pattern determined by the equations of airflow used in the aviation industry.

The lead curator of the gallery, David Rooney, is also the author of our book, and in both he is keen to emphasise that mathematical practice is woven throughout the modern world and used by many different people in a broad range of occupations. He recognises that it may seem like a forbidding subject to some, but the gallery aims to demonstrate that maths is a creative and relevant subject with a fascinating history. Hopefully the gallery’s younger visitors will leave with a renewed interest in the subject, and perhaps even a desire to study it further.