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National Gallery Singapore

Art Spaces

The Curators

ISBN: 978 1 85759 987 9
Size: 110 x 165 mm / 6½ x 4½ in.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 64
Images: 65

UK £4.95 / US $7.95


Singapore’s arts and culture scene has grown tremendously in the last couple of decades. Its latest impressive addition, National Gallery Singapore, will help position Singapore as an international hub for Southeast Asian visual arts, and contribute to Singapore’s ambition of becoming a global city for the arts. 

In 2015, the Gallery is set to open its doors in an incredible space blending a rich past with exciting modernity. Right in the heart of the Civic District, the Gallery occupies the neo-classical City Hall and former Supreme Court, two buildings that have been focal points for many important events in the history of Singapore. 

Architects for the new Gallery were challenged to create a distinct identity for the art space while simultaneously celebrating the architectural, cultural and historical significance of the sites. The winning design, by French architects Studio Milou Singapore, will establish the Gallery’s standing amongst the leading museums and galleries in Asia. With a distinctive metal-and-glass canopy roof linking the two monuments, the Gallery’s setting will also make it the largest visual arts institution in Singapore. 


" "I spent most of my visit was visually spectacular.' "
The Telegraph

" "Has the makings of a contemperary architectural classic...For those unfamiliar with the regions art, it will be revelatory to discover the sheer diversity of styles and techniques.""
The Guardian